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Some time ago a realization occurred where there was a need to get people together. Far too many times issues within the community causes fracturing, some of legal nature others of morals and beliefs. I’m working on a project for others to connect, organize and connect not just people together on a website but to connect social networks together for a cross platform. This technology will be based on several different platforms like Telegram, Skype, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Meetup and other open platforms available for people to connect and interact.

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Connor Goodwolf

Alpha Wolf

As the leader of many groups, organizations and teams there was a need for someone like myself to take a stand to better organize those who care about animals. Many people love animals to the point they base their career helping them. This is one of the most noble goals anyone can engage, taking care of those who are some of the most vulnerable. Many of us have animals, they’re our furry children, thus as leader I’ll work to ensure a mature and solid community exists for others of high caliber can find others.